Types of Crystal

Optical Crystal

Optical Crystal is 100% Lead Free and extremely hard. It is this hardness that provides the basis for the brilliant cuts and bevels, as well as the ultra high polished surfaces. Each piece of Optic Crystal is hand polished and beveled. Optical /Optic Crystal, as clear and as flawless as used in binoculars and camera lenses, represents the ultimate expression of excellence. Optical Crystal is manufactured in large sheets up to 3″ thick, and while still molten, is subjected to tremendous pressure to ensure no bubbles, flow lines or other distortions. What an ideal way to recognize achievement and express appreciation.

Optical Crystal is a completely Lead Free material. Make a patch against Lead Crystal, optical crystal is more transparent and hard. Also it can be cut with special shapes. With this lead-free optical crystal (optic crystal) be handmade by high-quality handicrafts, brilliant crystal awards, trophies, crystal crafts, crystal gifts, paperweight, crystal jewelry, crystal beads, crystal balls, recognition corporate awards and crystal parts are made perfectly.

Optical Crystal Manufacturer


  1. Ravenscroft CrystalThe public now understands that lead-free crystal is the future of the glass industry. Ravenscroft is the world’s leading manufacturer of hand-made, pure, clean, lead-free crystal for fine wine and spirits. Their 129-year-old European factory has been producing lead-free crystal for the most exclusive brands of the world. Most likely, you have enjoyed the delicate pleasure of their products under another brand name.”Pure, Clean Crystal” Over the past four decades, wine and spirits glass design has experienced a renaissance. Recently, scientists discovered the dangers of lead crystal, most significantly when storing wine and spirits for an extended period in decanters, allowing lead to leach into the contents. Originally, lead oxide was added to glassware as a manufacturing aid. Now, technology has progressed to the point where the addition of lead delivers little or no value to the wine enthusiasts’ experience. Despite increasingly stronger industry warnings, several of the world’s top stemware manufacturers continue to use lead in production.Ravenscroft Crystal’s time has come.
  2. Crystal CentralCrystal Central is an online crystal store specialized in optical crystal award & gift. It offers customers with a better & informed award buying experience. You can easily relate the generic crystal award & gift pieces to your specific recognition need with their extensive online award & gift samples. The recognition award ideas are categorized by recognition occasions for easy browsing.

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