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Etch Bath

When you are looking for a method to create an overall etched surface for a favorite glass or bottle…or even searching for a way to add depth and dimension to your glass beads, Etch Bath is the only solution. Liquid solution creates a beautiful matte finish to any clear or colored glass (except Pyrex). Simple to use, application time is only 15 minutes!

When you dip your project into Etch Bath, this quick acting chemcial goes to work producing asoft, overall etched surface. You can eaisly decorate any finished etched project using acrlyic and oil paints, readily available decals, rubber stamps with permanent inks and embossing powders.

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Give an overall etched matte finish to household jars, bottles and canisters, just follow the quick and easy directions on the back of the etch bath container. Even glass beads can be given the permanent, soft, subtle, look and feel of frosted glass. Finished product can then be embellished with paint, stickers, stencils, rubber stamps and more. Etch Bath can be poured back into it’s origianl container for future use.

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Etch Bath Intructions (Brief)

1. Place glass object in empty plastic container. Fill container with water just to cover or to desired etching line.
2. Remove glass object, mark container with felt tip pen, empty water, dry both container and glass object.
3. Pour Etchin Bath Glass Dipping Solution to level of pen mark, let glass object soak 5 to 10 minutes.

Etch Bath Intructions (Detailed)

  1. Clean and dry the glass or mirror thoroughly.
  2. To prepare the beveled ornament for dipping, attach a length of string cut to the size needed to allow you to dip the glass ornament into the Etch Bath solution.
  3. Hang your or-nament inside the dipping container, fill the dipping container with enough water to cover the ornament.
  4. Remove the or-nament and use a crayon or marker to mark the water level on the dip-ping container.
  5. Empty water from container. Thoroughly dry both container & glass ornament.
  6. Put on rubber gloves, keeping them on through remainder of the etching process.
  7. Open the jar of Etch Bath Glass Dipping Solution in-cluded in your kit, stir thoroughly with a wood or plastic stirring stick. Be careful not to splash solution outside of jar.
  8. Slowly pour Etch Bath Glass Dipping Solution to level of pen mark. Re-cap Etch Bath jar.
  9. Return ornament to container and let glass object soak 5 to 10 minutes or more, depending on the type and hardness of the glass.
  10. 10. Remove glass ornament from container and rinse well under running water, beING careful not to disturb stencils. Dry thoroughly and examine etched surface. If etching is in-complete, return glass to container and let it soak a few more minutes before rinsing.
  11. Return Etch Bath Glass Dipping Solution to original jar for re-use. Consult the etch bath bottle for safety precautions.
  12. Allow clean glass to sit overnight, then re-examine. If dried residue remains,wash thoroughly using a brush.

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